Add Slice to be respective of distance between prior Slices

When placing slices, the Add Slice function just inserts the next Slice to a position of half the distance between the last Slice and the end of the file. If the Add Slice function was more intelligent - using the distance between the two last Slices for reference. This would be beneficial when slicing up both rhythmic and nonrhythmic content.

  • Example of rhythmic content: If you were chopping up a loop on eighth notes and you had added two slices, with the second slice positioned at the end of the first eighth note duration and then Added the third slice - if it added the third slice with a distance equal to the distance between the first and second slices, the third slice would land at the end of the second eighth note duration.

  • Example of nonrhythmic content: let’s say you are slicing up some recorded content that doesn’t adhere to a meter - like recordings of the human voice. The duration between desired slices can often vary in length, though it’s rarely desired as long as the current Add Slice functionality provides (as it places the Added Slice halfway between the Last Slice and the End of File). With the current behavior the user would have to rewind the position with the jog wheel significantly. If the slices were added closer to the last Slice position (such as by the method described above) it would make dealing with their position much more efficient.

This feature is hard to describe so I made a really poor mock-up of the behavior here.

In this example Slices 1 and 2 (Red) were put by the user. With the current behavior, if the user hits Add for a slice, it would add it somewhere around the bright blue line (half-way between the second Red line, Slice 2 and the end of the file).

If the Add for a slice were to put the third slice equal in distance from Slice 2 to the distance between Slices 1 and 2, it would insert it at the Pink line.


What is the problem?

Making slices on the Tracker is less than intuitive and could be made much more efficient if the Add Slice function was respective of the duration of existing slices.

What do you want to achieve?

An increase in productivity when adding Slices.

Are there any workarounds?

For rhythmic, Equal Slice works pretty well but for nonrhythmic content but there isn’t anything as intelligent for nonrhythmic content.

Any links to related discussions?

Not that I am aware of.

Any references to other products?

Not that I am aware of.

this part is indeed quite something :laughing: , definitely gotta keep your wits together to wrap your head around that. If you can - please try and simplify the wording a bit, since the follow-up part with the visual explanation, does help a lot with conveying the wish.

Mentioned this on discord, but for the sake of clarity here: Holding down shift gives you a new menu for setting a number of equal slices, up to 48.


Interesting. How have I been using this device for months and only just discovered this feature?

I’ll update this feature request a bit. As someone who often chops up somewhat large non-rhythmic samples into smaller slices, having the ability to position slices with more restraint than the current method of Add (where it just inserts a Sample mid-point between the last Sample and the end of file) would make cutting up samples much more efficient.

let me know when you think you are done, so i can have another looksy. :blush:

I went back a fourth time to update the Draft. Feel free to give it a looksy when able :slight_smile:

Small change i would suggest. According to the wishlist guidelines, we should try and refrain fron the first-person perspective ( i want, when i, etc) as much as possible. Could you try and update that? Then the wish could be considered finished :heart: :blush: