8 External Instrument tracks out to trigger individual Play tracks?

I use the Push 3 as an Ableton controller. On Elektron gear, for example, with similar audio/midi over usb capabilities I can set up an individual midi track with an external instrument device, target a track on the Digitakt individually so I can simply select it and play it. I can even select multiple or all of the tracks and play them all at once from the pads on the Push.

I was under the impression I could do this with the Play+ as well, however I can only seem to trigger whichever sample was last touched on the Play+ despite having 8 individual external instrument tracks targeting midi channels 1-8.

The midi settings in the Play are all set to midi over usb. The notes in option is set to “OMNI”, which I am assuming is a global setting which is why I can only choose 1 of the 16 channels at a time.

What am I missing here if anything? Is there a way to set each track as a specific midi channel to get this working?


That’s not how MIDI in with the Play(+) works. Quoting the Play+ manual:

The keyboard will control the work step if no track or step is selected and will record on a selected track or multiple tracks for chords using the chosen ‘Notes In Channel’. Clock and Transport In/Out only needed if playing / sequencing from keyboard.

I also think it’s not possible, due to the way the Play(+) works: As opposed to, e.g., the Digitakt – which has a “default” sound/instrument assigned per track – there are no samples or sounds associated to a track itself. All samples are tied to the specific steps.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I know… “RTFM” right? If only my ADHD would allow me to lol. Oh well, it’s not a dealbreaker. Im still happy to have audio over usb and individual tracks of audio so I will make due.

Perhaps devs will read this and consider implementing this in some way. Assigning tracks 1-8 as static midi channels 1-8 and allowing users to pick one sample or preset per track to control would be nice, even if it requires shifting to a separate mode to be able to do it.

I suggest you open a Wishlist topic for that, if it’s something you really want them to consider.

There are several other wishes out there about various ways of making the Plays play better together with external hardware.

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