64 Steps, more precise editing in high speed like in Renoise on Tracker/Tracker Mini

64 Steps, more precise editing in high speed on the Tracker Mini / Tracker

What is the problem?

I would like to see more precise editing, Let’s say I want
165 bpm with 64 steps, If i want that I have to use 660 bpm, then the roll function is no longer usable.

What do you want to achieve?

More steps on higher bpm, like Renoise

Are there any workarounds?

Setting a faster bpm

Any references to other products?


Heyy @denniswollaars and welcome to Backstage :partying_face:

Pattern steps can go up to 128 already. Would that help you?

Hi Sandroid I know I can change the steps but then the tracker is running to slow

So less steps? :laughing:

Sorry if i’m having a hard time to fully understand what you are trying to achieve. :blush:

In Renoise You can make a pattern with 64 steps the pattern runs like 4 times as fast so you have allot of editing space if i put the tracker on 16 steps u have one bar at 165 bpm, If u put the steps to like say 64 steps the pattern will play slower so u need a multiple the make the pattern scroll faster. sorry it’s difficult to explain, I work like this in Renoise

I think i understand you now. :heart:

Couldn’t you use the Tempo FX on a per pattern basis to emulate this behaviour?

This would allow you to speed up or slow down individual patterns at any given time, with as many steps as you want (between the limitation of 1 - 128 steps of course).

This could even just affect a section of a pattern, for example:

  • set tempo to X at step 16
  • set tempo back to Y at step 32

Ooh I didn’t know the tracker had this I will try it out thanks allot !! :+1:

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Sure, happy to help :blush:

please come back and tell us if that works for you or if we should continue refining this wish :muscle:

This works :+1: I can double the resolution now 400 is the max would be nice if this could go to 660 but this is already much better thanks allot :+1: :grinning:

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Alrighty, i’ll close this then as solved for now. :heart:
Tempos higher than 400 have not come up yet, so if you ever actually need it, feel free to create a wish for it :blush:

It’s Good like this 32 steps is enough for what i want thanks allot Sandroid for helping me out so fast !!!


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