1.7 Update video and 1.7 midi slave clock to deluge - any tips?

Hey guys I just recently tried to slave the tracker to deluge clock out through midi, with varied results. It stuck pretty close to the tempo I think. Are there any other controls that I can adjust to make it tight? Thanks!

Here’s my 1.7 video

Hi @creativeunderdogs thanks for your question and video. You can achieve best sync results by adjusting Clock sync correction parameter for a specific tempo. Note: correction is applied only once, but each time after restarting playback. Therefore, changing correction parameter during playback or changing tempo during playback might not work as tight as when following these guidelines. Cheers


thank you guys this is great! I kind of rushed to get that first video out but I think i will experiment and then make a part 2 showing that function you described! - THANKS!

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They were right… :slight_smile:


Anyone k ow the logic to the offset numbers? Is it milliseconds, clock ticks, etc??
Or just guess and check…?

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Hi @srmaietta , there is explanation in the Clock sync correction menu itself: “Allows compensating latency of incoming clock signal by number of clock pulses, where 1 pulse = 1/6 of step.”

Hope this helps.




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