1.6 Firmware freezes/crashes too much, is there a download for older firmware versions?


since I updated to 1.6 Tracker crashes/reeezes more frequently and some project save files were corrupted by it. /: I’m fed up with it enough to try and step back to 1.5. Is there a reliable download for older firmware versions, can’t seem to find it on polyends webpage. Cheers!

Currently all older Firmware is still available on Github:

But i would suggest flashing 1.6 one more time before trying older ones, since it is generally the most stable firmware to date.

If you have not yet, try using the Polyend Tool to flash the firmware.


I’ve also found on all devices I use that use an SD card for storage that much of the time crashes and project issues are from a corrupted SD card. If you have another card I’d recommend giving it a try too.


I’ve noticed actually with 1.6 I have been working on tutorial series and have run into strange slowdown… I think it may have to do with chance, I filled a 8 length pattern with like 3 samples, each step had chance and other fx and it seems to slow down the UI and act very strangely. One point I pressed the pattern length button and it wouldn’t let me change the values! When I restarted it worked fine, but then when I was playing around with it again, it slowed down again! This isn’t a bug report but I did run into this a few times, even on simple settings.