Variable length export

It should be possible to determine how many pattern loops should be exported.

What is the problem?

Play offers great chance parameters, but unfortunately the export is always limited to one pass of the current pattern.

What do you want to achieve?

For example, if there is a loop that uses chance to trigger an action every second pass, it would be useful to specify to export 2 loops to capture the change.

Are there any workarounds?

Use multiple patterns to capture each action manually, but this is tedious and likely to not cover all the different actions you can get with chance.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

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Hi @JimP4nsen, thank you for contributing to the #wishlist.

Reading your wish I wonder… is “variable length” the goal or making sure that all variations available are exported as well?

Two related wishes come to mind:

Thanks for the reply!
I think variations and patterns wouldn’t cover random events, right?
Simple example : track where the actual sample is randomized for every step. This would sound different every time when I use the Play to perform, but it would be really hard to export (if I’m not missing something).
Another example : I have a sample that covers 8 bars and want to play that back. This works fine when I set the track speed to 1/2, but the export will only cover the first 4 bars, right (haven’t tried to export that one, just guessing)?

Thank you. Yes, you are right, I’m understanding your wish better now.

One detail:

Do you mean full passes through the pattern? Can we call them pattern loops?

Bars… are hard. You can have tracks of different lengths running at different speeds, they can go through up to four pages. If the user (and the Play!) need to count bars, it can be difficult, and this is not even getting into different time signatures.

Yes, pattern loops make total sense to me :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks a lot!

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I have tweaked the description a bit more to talk about “actions” instead of “variations”, since the term “variation” has a specific meaning on the Play. Please check.

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Fits perfect, thanks!

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Hi @JimP4nsen , thanks for your contribution. I will reject this one as this functionality will be available once the Allow patterns to play in certain orders and certain times - Song Mode is implemented. So anyone who wishes for this, please vote on Song Mode :wink: Thanks!


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