Using variations to create a song

I dont have the Polyend Play yet and there is not a lot of information regarding ways to create a song. Is it for example possible to create a pattern with variations, and then copy the same pattern several times to create a chain. Then select different variations in the pattern chain?


Hi Daniel,

Yeah that is a great way to make a song in my opinion! Sometimes I’ll get 5-6 variations using randomize and chance features and then just play around with which ones sound good together. Then I’ll copy and paste that into several patterns to save the variation patterns I like.


Hello, you can create a pattern wich includes track variations. When you copy the pattern the active variations (the selected one) will be played. For example: I choose a pattern with variation 1 in track 2. Then copy this pattern but in track 2 I choose variation number 5. So basically I think what you ask is feasible. Of course Miro exaplained it clearly inthe previous answe… Give a look to the manual to visualize it better if you still have doubts. Ciao


Perfect! Thanks a lot guys. :slightly_smiling_face:
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