Use external controls/inputs as a full-featured control surface

While the Tracker Mini form factor is perfect for portabilty, it lacks immediate controls for efficient workflow.

What is the problem?

Tracker Mini can receive MIDI CC messages but ONLY for Performance Effects, Track Mixer, and Global Mixer.

What should this feature achieve?

Ability to have full control over the Tracker Mini via an external controller by expanding the MIDI CC Implementation or maybe implementing the Mackie MCU Protocol.

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


Feel free to edit/suggest an edit!
If anything is unclear just let me know.


Hmm… i’ve got some questions :blush:

  • do you mean to have full control via external controller (as in every single screen) ?
  • Or is this purely about having control over instrument parameters etc?

I agree. Full control over all, or even just more parameters than the current CC input options from external controller CCs would be fantastic. Not only on the Tm but on all Tracker models.

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Could you please explain what you mean by every single screen?

Of course. :blush:
To me full control means that i can actually use an external controller as a full featured input device so i can edit/control every single feature of a device. That means being able to switch between screens etc.

For example:

  • Edit steps on the pattern screen
  • Switch to the Song view and edit my song there
  • Switch to the Sample Editor and do all operations there

And everything through an external input device.

Hence why i’m asking what exactly do you define as a full midi cc implementation. And if it’s about individual parameters, maybe a comprehensive list would be helpful :heart:


Yes, I meant to use an external controller as a full-featured input device.

But if it is not feasible, it would still be better to have more MIDI CCs in general

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Feasibility is not for me to decide :blush: . I’m just making sure the wish has all the information required so Polyend has an easier time to review it :blush:

I’ve changed the title and the description to reflect the intention. As this goes far beyond just implementing MIDI CC for parameters access.

I’ve also added the Mackie MCU Protocol as this is a very common protocol for control interfaces.

Hope that is ok.


By all means!!
Thank you

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I only need a control assignment for selection to have an encoder alternative to the + and - buttons.

You will be able to do that if this Wish comes true.

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I back this wish, but i think it might be better to specify the Midi CC’s we want added rather than saying all - e.g. in global mixer / performance mode we can not currently use Mute / Solo / Rec buttons on a controller, this would be a really cool feature to add.
I also believe that Macro control on the T+ is limited to the active instrument selected, would be cool to find a way to control parameters on all three synths.
There are a lot of ways to cut this so might be better to be specific rather than if the wish gets shut down as ‘full control’ is unlikelty to be possible - Mackie MCU protocol would be awesome though, and would include the mute/solo/rec functions i assume.

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@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile: