Tracker Text To Speech

If possible , use the Tracker keyboard as Text To Speak , to create Robotic or necessarily inhuman voices , with filter templates to assign to the generated voice .

I don’t think that is possible at the moment…

BUT! You should have a look at Vital (see:
You can use Text to Speech in it and save samples that you could import to the tracker. :muscle:


No VST Please…only Polyend Tracker. Thanks for your answer!!!

Then there is no easy way to achieve what you are looking for.
A staple for voice synthesis is usually the formant filter, which doesn’t exist on the tracker.

Another option would be to use a microphone to record your voice to the tracker and work with those samples.
Have a look at this example:

If a formant filter is a feature you would like to see in the future, feel free to create a Feature Request in Draft wishes - Polyend Backstage :v:


Thanks for tips…just like this… :star_struck: