Tracker - Multiple Song Folders?

Hiya, having had the Tracker (old original one) for a while now I have about 70 or so songs and it gets hard to keep track of what’s what (especially because they can’t be sorted by date or name. The sorting is weirdly random, but possibly because I made a lot on earlier versions of the OS?).
I was wondering if it’s possible to have multiple folders in the Song folder? It’s been a long time since I took the SD card out and looked at the file structure on a 'puter, but I’m thinking of doing this soon as there’s a couple of tracks that refuse to delete when I try.

As of yet, it is not possible to have multiple folders for projects.

But if i understood correctly, 1.7 will bring an update to how File- and Project-Managment works.
This should solve those issues. :muscle:


That’s great to hear. I’m looking forward to getting 1.7!

I used to get emails about the beta versions that I could try out and report back on the github with issues, but I guess they stopped doing that a while ago.

Yeah the Github Repo is pretty much defunct now. The idea as i understand it - keep in mind i am just a community moderator and not a Polyend employee - is to use this forum as a singular source of truth for updates/news/etc.

Since changing to this forum, i think they are also rediscovering and rethinking how to deal with firmware betas in the future. So as much as i would like to tell you, that public betas are going to be a thing again… as of right now i do not know anything either.

For the private Beta Testing Program check out the Announcements - Polyend Backstage section. :blush:

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