Tracker grid as a 4x12 pixel display

The tracker’s grid is some kind of 4x12 pixel display, so why not use it as such? :slight_smile:

With a pattern for each letter or animation, you can use song mode to string them together. Nice limitation is that you can only light up 8 pads at once, so for displaying relatively large letters like these, you need some sort of alternating scanlines.

I was expecting the internet to be awash with this kind of tracker nonsense, but I couldn’t find anything. So here goes! :smile:


Yay, happy to see someone else having the same idea!

A bit over a year ago there were a couple of those attempts over at the unofficial tracker discord. Sadly i can’t find them. But here’s a similar attempt using projection mapping, around the same time :laughing: .


Cool !!! Nice work!

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Very cool!
I had no idea how this was done, until I figured they are (just like you said) projected onto the tracker. :smiley:

Yeah i’m totally cheating here :joy:.
I know you use actual pattern data for it. Now if you manage to combine pad visuals with a coherent musical delivery, then i’m impressed to the max!

How many tracks do you think would be occupied to deliver a visual output AND leave some tracks free to actually make music?

Also there is the matter of Tempo that makes this a bit of a pain, right?