Tracker 1.7 firmware update is available

Looks great, cheers! Going forward, is the Mini running the same firmware or is there a different versioning scheme for it?



They’re numbered differently and may differ in features based on the specific hardware’s capabilities. Mini is presently on v1.0, while the Tracker is now on v1.7.

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Cant wait to load and dive into this ! Nice one Polyend x

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preview volume for samples in sample loader ! Bosh !

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Yup, no more .mod or .it file support. But fear not!

I’ve created a wish in hopes that Polyend might document the trackers files, in order for developers in the community to build converters or other utlities in the future. See:

I hope it gets approved and look forward to your votes :blush:


Nice with new firmware! The roll bug I reported ages ago is still there, sadly.

That said, I should really get my jogwheel fixed and get back into the machine!

Do you have a link to the bug report?

I hadn’t reported it here as I thought, but it was on Github.


This is awesome, thank you for all the hard work!

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Thank you very much!!
A question: can I go backwards to 1.6?
I have various projects and I love how it sounds…
Just in case the sound changes…

Yes, you can always go backwards if you don’t like the newest changes or you want to keep using the removed features for example… but remember that we do not support project compatibility backwards: projects saved with 1.7 may not load correctly in earlier firmware versions… it only works forwards :wink:

And to keep safe from project corruption or any data loss, remember to follow our installation guide (see above).


WTF have you removed mod, .it support? that’s one of the reasons I bought it , 2 fkn weeks ago.


I noticed that the updated reverb is not part of 1.7

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Big update. Some of the annoying bugs that bothered me are fixed… :+1:t3:But 3 crashes/freezes in one hour of use with the new firmware is quite a lot. It wasn’t possible to turn off the unit by switch. I had to pull out the power supply.


What exactly were you trying to do before the crashes? If you can reproduce it, please create a Bug report. :heart:

Can’t load games at all under 1.7.0
That’s weird

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Crash/freeze here also. I was just creating a pattern, editing a track. I had copied the notes from one track to another. Selected all the notes in the new track, transposed them up an octave and then was playing with shifting all the notes down a couple of positions. I would shift them down to see how I liked it and then use undo to shift them back. After doing that once or twice it froze, screaming out noise continually until I unplugged it.

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Have had a few crashes too, once with a fill function, once with a wavetable instrument while editing the position and the a random freeze during playback. Power cycling sorted it, was not able to replicate, will try again and bug report if it is replicable or persists.

Clocking to Octactrack, feels much tighter overall, moved a few clicks…great update!

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Why was Mod and .it support removed? That stinks!