To the Polyend Team: Thank You

To the team at Polyend. Thank you.

I didn’t know where to put this. It did not feel appropriate to send to support as I bet they are bogged down with other questions and this is not really a support is. While, kinda but me doing the supporting.

I was internally critical of the Play up until Oct 12, 2023 when I published a video where I was wrong about the Play. When I say internally, I did my best to keep my complaints with others vs poo pooing on channels. Even here, I might have come across in some way frustrating yet did not try to get personal or attack others. I was getting lost in the “I want this now”, listening to the noise of others and forgetting the very basic concept of working with what I have that allows me to play.

And I did that in another video. Played. No concerns about any of the concerns I voiced. That ranting did not sound good. The music made from the Play did. That was the light bulb moment. I shut my mouth and pushed buttons.

Seeing reactions yesterday and how some creators are/have/will be affected, pushes my buttons. I will find ways to speak out against those who continue to ruin it for others and more importantly waste time by pushing more buttons to make music. I will make more videos of the Play and when the upgrade arrives, not talk about it (maybe one to help others see the cool updates) but keep playing. Heck maybe pick a month and every day, it’s play day. Ok, I am wandering. Back on point.

I learned a lot from this experience. If anyone on the Polyend team has seen me prior to Oct 12 being a d*ck, my apologies. I was being a bad human being.

Thank you for providing a lazy amateur musician with a tool/toy that is fun to play with and I am honored to use my platform to keep inspiring others to play.

To those who where like me, I sincerely hope an Oct 12th moment finds you for time is short and we need to have as much fun as humanly possible.

Stay safe. Keep jammin.


I think with music tech stuff it’s very easy to worry about what a machine cannot do, rather than enjoying what it can do.

I finally bought modular gear after years of using massive etc and finally sort of wished I had more oscillators, like massive - until I realised the sound I was getting from the modular was bigger anyhow, despite not being as technically capable as even a simple, old VSTi in some ways.


Hey…I’ve got a lot of stuff to reply to…but I’ll start with the positive one first, ha!

Thanks for your perspective, it really is much appreciated.


Thank you for posting this. Allll the hearts.