Timestretch Granule Setting?

Hi. Does anyone know what the “granule” setting actually does exactly? In the timestretch settings.

I do quite a bit of timestretching and I just looked in the manual but it is very vague. It just says it “affects audio quality”. If you want the best quality, should I turn this up to max? Can anyone explain what this actually does? I want to understand what I’m doing…


I wouldn’t say i know exactly, but i have a pretty close estimation, i think :laughing: .

Granule parameter controls the size/length of a single grain, that is used to fill in empty space when stretching audio. So a higher value means the playback length/size of a grain is longer, and a smaller size means they are shorter.

The value to use, really depends on the source audio and is something you’ll just have to experiment with by listening to the preview. Sometimes short is good, sometimes longer is better :blush:

I hope that helps.

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Mmmmm, that makes sense. Thanks Sandroid. Guess it’ll just take some experimentation, which can be painful on longer samples but it is what it is. haha.

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