The Future of Play Plus

Even if it is more work, it probably is also more impactful to search for wishes, vote for them, and comment on them in their respective topics.

Please do it here: Allow patterns to play in certain orders and certain times - Song Mode - 4th most voted Wishlist item, second for Play.

Track reset after X steps/bars welcomes votes.

If you are talking purely about aesthetics, I don’t recall anyone creating a wish for that (or even complaining) – see Writing a good feature request. If you are missing data or you expect other features from the current LCD display, please be specific so we can discuss ideas better. Meanwhile, this is probably a non-exhaustive list of current wishes related to data in the display (sorted by oldest):


Sample slicing mode is the second most voted Wishlist item, top for Play.

(Define “flawlessly”, but in my experience, Yes.)

I don’t recall anyone asking for the possibility to use more than 3 synths simultaneously. On the other hand, I can’t imagine Polyend offering 3 if 4 or more would be technically possible with the current hardware.

Anyway, related: Synth patch per step / per pattern

It has already been suggested the possibility to record synth steps to use them as samples and free up slots for more synths. This wish would make this easier: Bounce multiple Tracks (Synths and Samples) directly into the Sample Pool for the Play+

While more transparency feels desirable for some users in the short term, in the longer-term a public roadmap is likely to harm the business of any profitable company in this competitive capitalist world we live in. Said that, I cannot name a music gear company with more than one employee sharing more about their future plans than this:

(In any project, the archive of discarded options is as telling or more as any roadmap, because it contains decisions made.)