Tap Tempo? Is it a feature you'd use?

What is the problem?

No Tap Tempo

What do you want to achieve?

Recently I’ve been taking the Play to jams and not having the ability to tap in a rhythm as the Bass player gets a groove going sure stilts the flow.

Are there any workarounds?

Not that I’m aware of, however the Shift button plus the top left button near the screen looks ripe for some tapping.

Any links to related discussions? I Couldn’t find any.

I really like the tempo range currently on the Play, quite rare to see 10-400 bpm on a sequencer type instrument.

Any references to other products?

Prior to the Play I used the Tempest and a Korg ESX, both of which have the tap tempo feature.

Fingers crossed that the Polyend code people also like to jam with people that gather at a suckers house to rattle their neighbour’s windows.



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@ireallyhatemycompute thank you for your suggestion! I have restored the template that all wishes must follow to be considered for the Wishlist. Can you edit your post to follow the guidelines from Writing a good feature request, please?

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