Support for LFO Offsets

LFO Modulation currently doesn’t allow for an offset, this means:

  • If the amount is set to 50 → The modulation will go from 0 to 50
  • If the amount is set to 10 → It will go from 0 to 10

This proposal suggest a modulation offset which would give you more control within the range that should be modulated. For example:

  • If the amount is set to 50 + the Offset is set to 50 → The modulation will go from 50 to 100.
  • Ideally it could be choosable if it’s a unipolar or bipolar behaviour.

What is the problem?

LFO modulation always start at 0 at the moment. Here is a visual example:

What do you want to achieve?

  • Have the option to set an offset
  • optionally a possibility to choose how the modulation should behave (unipolar, bipolar).

Are there any workarounds?

Depending on exact effect you can try to use the envelope or step fx to get a similar sound, but neither of these way are as ‘simple’ as being able to set the LFO ‘base’ to 100% but then only allowing for 2% modulation around that, for example

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

One example from another tracker is renoise’s built in LFO plugin, it has an ‘offset’ slider so that you can ‘move’ the modulation to effect a different range of the value, for example a low amplitude but high offset lfo means it will be a very weak lfo, but the value will change around 90-100%, or you can move the offset all the way to 0, meaning the same very weak lfo will move the value around 0-10% instead, allowing one simple lfo to subtly modulate completely different sets of values depending on what’s needed (this can also be useful for modulating the different filters in polyend tracker, for example, as some applications will need cut off high and some will need it low)



So essentially the addition of bipolar instead of unipolar, if i understand you correctly yes?

For example:

  • Value is set to: 50
  • Modulation value is: +/- 10
  • The value modulates between 40 and 60

That’s what you mean right?

yeah I think that’s a better way to put it - so that you can choose ‘where’ the modulation happens with the base value

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Alright, with your permission i will rephrase your wish, if that is ok with you?

go for it :+1:

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Hi @smt , thanks for your wish, but this is how current implementation works. LFO is bipolar already and works exactly as @Sandroid described in the comment. Could you point us to a specific use case where you’re having problems with LFO being unipolar? Thank you

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huh, I suppose to be specific, I can’t find how I would set the instrument LFO to modulate the volume subtly? at 100% ‘lfo amount’ the effect is between no volume and max, and at 0-10% the LFO effect on volume is that it modulates a small amount but around ‘no volume’ so that I can’t really hear it, my desired outcome, however it’s worded, is that I could set the LFO to subtly modulate the volume but around it’s max volume (slight tremolo)

i have drawn an extremely crude example of what I mean, I believe the bottom example currently isn’t possible with LFO as it only has an ‘amount’ value with no ability to set the point at which that value oscillates around, I might be wrong though, but I can’t figure it out if i am


:+1: being able to offset the modulation with an added parameter.

@smt thanks for explaining, the picture makes it clear. But I think the proposal has to be rephrased to reflect this. Please update the draft, especially title to make it more clear and we’ll review it again, thanks

I believe I’m currently unable to edit it but if a mod wants to set the title to something like “Allow instrument LFO modulation to be offset by a value” or something like that, I think that’s the simplest way to phrase it

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i’ll update it later today! :muscle:


To everyone @here, i’ve updated the initial wish.
Hope the new wish description is to everyones expectations :heart:


@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile: