Some projects won't load on Play +

Some open just fine, others always freeze and won’t load.

I’ve used 2 separate SD cards, including the official one. Copied and cloned, same projects won’t load regardless. Even shortened the names of the projects, still no help.

I even swap back and forth between the available firmwares.

Highly infuriating to make something good, but now I can’t retrieve it, no matter what I do. I have overlooked the other bugs, and acknowledged my own user error, but this is unforgivable.

Can anyone help with this?

Dylan Paris was 100% right: this thing is not ready for Primetime.

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Can you open a Bug report, please? Follow the template there and upload your projects so that the Polyend team can better assess what is going on.


Pokyend Team - Gotta collect them all!


With the inspirational tools that Polyend dish out, that might actually be the case :sweat_smile:

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Personally, I’ve struggled to take anything Dylan says seriously when it comes to these types of videos. He’s had similar experiences with other gear. Focusing on limitations va playing. He’s also a YouTuber and clicks…talking about the “issues” vs demonstrating. “I can’t replicate this anymore.” Ok

I’ve done it too. Focus on limitations. Personally, I’ve not had the issues. Even if I do, as a creative hobbyist, it’s not something that prevents me from having fun.

With that said, hope your issues are resolved.

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I actually sub to you on YouTube, under Antonio_Ortiz.

You may not have had these issues, but many others have, myself included.

I had these issues independently for days and then found his video, seeing that he pointed out the exact same issues. My bias didn’t even want to acknowledge his video at first. But objectively, he is telling the truth.

I don’t focus on limitations - even though it lacks certain features or specs compared to other Grooveboxes, I still purchased it because I like its design and felt it fit my workflow.

The bugs didn’t prevent me from having fun. The constant freezing, and limited memory, as much as it tried, didn’t prevent me from having fun.

But you know what’s prevents me from having fun?: not being able to retrieve my work. That literally prevents me from having fun.

I didn’t even post a thread until this particular issue came up. I could ignore the rest, but this is a potential deal-breaker.

I’m not one to quit on my investments, so I’ll be patient. But for a brand-new, premium-priced device, we, as consumers, should expect better.

If you open a Bug and you upload the projects you can’t load, we will be closer to a diagnose and an eventual solution to this problem. It takes less time than discussing youtubers here. :wink:

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I’m also having the same issue - can’t open one specific project. Freezes every single time.

Just wanted to corroborate here… OP is not crazy. There are some bugs.

If I’ve had crashes with projects or when importing my own sample pack, it has always been to do with the file name length of a sample, everytime.

There is a 30 character limit for sample names, some samples from packs I’ve used have been longer, as soon as I rename these samples no more crashes.

There was a similar post about this previously somewhere by @borsuk I think.

Maybes there needs to be a sticky about this in regards to crashes.

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