Select and view samples in Keyboard sample pool

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Load samples in the Keyboard sample pool (4x8 grid (mute,solo,variation and select)). Load a maximum of 32 samples in the keyboard view where you can easily select them and see where the samples are placed on the grid. Samples that are used on the grid-tracks are in different colors on the grid and on the keyboard (colors can be the ones like in the perfom view), so we can easily see where the samples are on the grid to easily select and edit them. Also you can select and edit the steps. You can finger drum in that view and live record. If 16 colors is too much maybe there can be only one other color in the keyboard view for the used samples and then when selected they change colors on the grid.

What is the problem?

If we have a sample in more than one track you cant see where it is, there is no option for finger drumming, slow sample selecting

What do you want to achieve?

i want to have a view where i can quickly see and select samples then play them

Are there any workarounds?

i dont think so

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

dont know any


@nevenbucevic, check this tutorial out, it might provide a workaround for at least part of your question.

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Yes, thank you @ambivalence this wish overlaps with Faster pick and place with a user-customizable sample palette. Let’s merge them.

EDIT: I can’t merge them due to a forum software glitch. I’ll close this topic and see whether I can merge the posts later.

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