Saving Instruments - how?

I am trying to use the Tracker to save some instruments for later use and I cannot find a way to do this easily. I am sure it is possible because it is listed as a feature but from the looks of things one has to save the project, then take the SD card out, load it into a computer and then manually manage the files that way.

Surely that is not the only way, but I can’t find a save instrument option anywhere inside the Tracker.

Where can I find the option to save an instrument?

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You are correct, currently (FW 1.7) you can’t move the files to a unified location without taking the card out.

BUT you can actually browse into projects with the sample loader and load the instruments from there.

Small but handy workaround for the moment :blush:

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ok, I thought someone was slipping me crazy pills for a bit there lol.

the ability to cut/copy/paste items in the tracker browser would probably sort this and other issues for now. I’ll go request that as a feature.