Rendering individual tracks to stereo files?

Hi @Arek, do you know if there is any technical issue to rendering individual tracks to stereo files? I was considering opening a wish about it.
As the tracker converts samples to mono, we can use effects to add some stereo back, but losing this at the rendering step is really annoying.

I didn’t know that, it would be great render in stereo since you have panning options an a LFO…

@djenzar I have moved your comment to a new topic to separate #frequent-questions about Polyend products from questions about hypothetical features. No worries, moving comments is easy. :slight_smile:

There is this wish that was archived: Stereo Sample Playback. I don’t know if the limitations are the same, though.

Oh, and the topic I have linked about is about the Play, while your question is about the Tracker. Maybe the best way forward is to create a new wish, and then I’ll move these comments there. Sorry for the moves! :sweat_smile:

Ok, will do, thank you for the follow up @icaria36!

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Here is the wish: Render individual tracks to stereo files

Update: tracks are exported to stereo files, the wish is now resolved!

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