"Render Selection" Advice?


So I do a lot of resampling as I mainly make hip hop type beats. I’m having trouble with the following:

  • Because pitch changes the length of the sample, and a lot of what I work with is loops, I have to pitch and bounce my samples first, before I time stretch them…so that when I chop them up, everything’s in the pitch I want, but also still in time.
  • The problem I’m having is because I have to select what I want to render (by step), I often end up messing up the loop because after pitching, the sample rarely ends up falling exactly in synch with a step for the loop to still work, if that makes sense?
  • So I essentially end up having to spend a lot of time after pitching, trying to make the sample still loop in time by messing around with the end point, and it’s not fun at all, haha.

Long story short, if I have a loop loaded as a one shot, is there a better way to bounce or render it without having to manually select the cells/steps to render and try and fix the loop afterwards?

Ideally, it would have been awesome to just have the one shot loaded, plug it into a step, have that step selected and then just bounce that? And that should just bounce that one shot sample/loop start to end without me having to select an exact time by step?

Is what I’m doing the only way? Am I missing something? Is a different sample playback mode more optimal for this than one shots? Any input would be much appreciated :raised_hands:t3:

Not Sure if I understand, but, What about repitching the chain, render the result, open the repitched file in edit, use Auto Slice, save, then While composing use FX1 or FX2 with Slice and choose your slices i.e. S1 S7 S5 S2 S1 S16 that you want in your melody or drum kit etc…?