'Recursive' Export

What is the problem?

Polyend Play provides different ways to export audio stems. However, it can be tedious and prone to mistakes to export tracks per pattern, for every pattern in a project.

What do you want to achieve?

‘Current Pattern Stem’ exports 10 tracks of the current pattern. It would be useful to have a way to effectively automate that for each pattern in a project. A kind of recursive export, 10 tracks per pattern all done in one go.

Are there any workarounds?

‘Current Chain Stems’ exports a long chain BUT requires laborious editing in a DAW in order to split then sequence the patterns for further processing. This is made harder if there are sounds which straddle the end of one loop and kinda get cut off.

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?



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Thank you @PolyMod - this new system has the potential to be great and appreciate your willingness to improve these excellent products!

You can (and should) vote your own wishes. Try it out! :slight_smile:

This is not true. There is a way, but it has to be done manually :wink: User can go through every pattern in a project and choose Export > Current Pattern Stems.

Yes, as explained above.

Again, lots of references for export in other products, but not this specific “automated” export.

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Hi @miropoly - perhaps I haven’t explained correctly

As I understand it, you have 8 tracks within a pattern (let’s ignore variations for now)

If I have 20 patterns, in order to get all those track stems I have to export 20 times. Given it can take a minute or so to export each pattern, thats 20+ minutes to get everything onto the microSD card then into a DAW.

Automation would simply let the user press a button and let the system do it in the most efficient way possible (software would optimise the pattern export process I’m sure). Rather than click, click, export, wait, click click export wait etc Imagine if you had to do that 40 times for 40 projects!

It’s a user convenience feature, irrespective of the workaround. Automation might be the wrong word but the concept is pretty clear imho.

RE: variations - a decision would need to be made about whether to capture every variation or just the current active one. For simplicity I think the latter is preferable

Hi @Ohsomacho, I understood perfectly clear. But I think it’s wrong saying there is no workarounds, while there clearly are, even though they are inconvenient, which I fully agree :slight_smile:

Ok, edited:

However, it can be tedious and prone to mistakes to export tracks per pattern, for every pattern in a project.

Now it’s accurate. :slight_smile:

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This point will cause problems to implement / design this feature. How do you expect this to work? Can you please describe in more detail. You expect each exported pattern to be “restarted” or you expect Play to do “DAW editing” for you — in the sense that this type of export just makes cuts at the pattern “borders” so that sounds from previous pattern are still playing in the next one, if there are longer samples and/or effect tails. Thank you :pray:

We all know Play isn’t a DAW, but some more conveniences in the way it allows it to interact would a DAW would be appreciated.

The simplest approach would be to…

a) export dry stems and
b) cut the sound at the pattern border and let the producer decide how to manage that in the DAW. That’s their concern and can be managed by creative splicing together of stems + DAW effects. It’s the same issue with any groove box or synth where sounds tail off - people work around it

I guess overall its a balance b/w spending a lot of time manually exporting stem by stem (and losing the creative vibe) or creating an automated export that has limitations that can be worked around in the DAW. I think the latter is preferable.

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Just to add to this regarding the way patterns/loops playback, Loopy Pro has a setting that records a loop decay e.g. reverb or delay tail which is then mixed into the loop to make it appear a seamless loop - User Manual for Loopy Pro, professional loopstation and DAW

Not sure if this is possible or there are current technical limitations to this working on Play.

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