Ready Steady Go (finally)

Hi fam,

I’ve now had the original PT for just over five months now.

Sadly A1my first experience was tarnished with the rollout of the disastrous 1.7 firmware which transformed my brand new OG Tracker into a brick.

Fortunately with the 1.7. 1 firmware release things seem to have stabilised significantly.

I still experience a few a quirky bugs now and then but nothing that really hampers my mojo.

Back in the day we had a fully souped up Amiga 2000 running things in the studio, the OG Tracker is great for my “Rosebud” moment.

I’m now currently working on a Jungle EP for Blaq Records Berlin.

The first EP will be only as a digital release Beatport etc then following releases will get pressed up on Vinyl.

It’s really exciting to have a machine that can let my imagination flow.

Have fun


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Oh man…
…and I was hoping they finally released a new firmware for the Tracker which would fix the remaining bugs.

But no, just some dude plugging his music :pensive::melting_face:

Firmware announcements typically come with the “announcement” tag on them and normally would have the firmware increment in the title.

users like @mokujin_music are highly encouraged to both share their thoughts and their music on backstage. Thanks for sharing @mokujin_music !


ooh blaq records… in berlin too! is it a reference to the color of vinyl? tell me youre a minimal nihilist without telling me youre a minimal nihilist! vinyl is extremely toxic btw. do you vant to pet my monkey? und now ve dance

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Oh Bless you. No Blaq has been supporting me as an artist for 15 years. They are now based in Berlin, originally from Mexico. Any any colour vinyl is dope by me fam, but please don’t use it as a cutting board for slicing bread only Ganja.

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good answer! i would NEVER! bless!

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