Randomize question

When I find a randomization that I like, I hit save to print it correct? Well, every time I do this, as soon as I hit save, the randomize percentage goes back to zero percent. I’m on the latest firmware. What am I doing wrong here? When I go back to check it (hold down the step and touch randomoze knob, it’s showing zero percent even though I saved it.

Hi , if I understand, it’s normal your percentage goes back to zero, because your sound is a new sound including the randomization. And you can apply the same or others randomizations .

sorry for my crap english.

I’m still having trouble with this. I can’t get it to really do anything. No matter what percentage I put it on, if I, for example, choose randomize sample in folder, no matter what percentage I choose it will just play one sample over and over. On the Tracker, I understand randomization. On Play, I’m baffled.

What I’ve read in the manual is that once that randomization is saved into the system, it starts fresh again. So in order to have another random effect in place, the same process is needed.

Hi, is the sample that is trying to be randomised in a folder on it’s own in your project? ‘sample in folder’ would randomly select a sample from within that folder where the selected samples are contained, so if there are no other samples in that folder then the algorithm has no other samples to select, where as randomise from ‘sample pool’ would select a random sample from any of the folders in the project as I take it? or have I got my wires crossed with what you’re asking?