Question on Polyend Play Variations When Exporting Stems

Hi everyone!

I’m having trouble working this problem out. Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to export variations of a pattern when exporting a song/chain of patterns stems to then edit in a DAW?


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Hi @burayemusic, welcome to Backstage. This is not an answer to your question (I hope someone else will respond, but in the meantime, this wish (that you can vote) comes to mind: 'Recursive' Export.

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Hi @icaria36

Thanks for your reply. I did indeed check out that post before posting myself, but I think the problem this person is having is different. I’ve no issue in selecting the whole chain of patterns and exporting the stems as a song directly to the DAW. My intention is to create the song on the play and then export for further tweaking and mixing on a daw.

I just don’t know how to make it include some of the variations added to some patterns. It seems to just select the “active” variation.

If something like variation chains could be selected within a pattern so that the play knows it has to play those variations before moving to the next pattern in the pattern chain it would solve this issue and also account for the variations when exporting.

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