Projects Opening on 1.8? I had issues

Hi guys,
Sorry if this has been addressed and answered already, I tried on Reddit and while a few initially reported the same problems no solution popped up sadly.

When I updated to 1.8 from the previous firmware the first time, I noticed about half of my projects had changed from the typical green colour to white (no biggie, I figured it was part of the update) but then I realised that those affected had no ‘Open / Enter’ option whatsoever for any project that had turned white. It seemed totally random btw, some were projects I was working on, some finished already and some were downloaded and never even opened or altered in any way. I quickly reverted to 1.7.1 on the tracker on a panic at first thinking I’d corrupted my card (I read about this happening here with this specific update, but couldn’t find anything about my issue), luckily they were all one colour again on 1.7.1 and all could be opened perfectly as before.

I contacted polyend and they asked me to send some of the affected projects - which meant installing 1.8 again so that I could identify a few - but this time about 80% of my projects were a different colour and could not be opened. Same as the first time but many more projects effected and I thoroughly investigated and there was no option to open them, the option would vanish when scroll to a project that changed colours after update. The fact that more and different projects were affected the second time reaffirmed to me that it was random and to do with the update itself.

Sadly polyend couldn’t recreate the issue, yet, and I’ve searched here and Reddit and don’t see it. I sent several projects along with photos and a video I believe. I’d love to try out 1.8 because I’ve had sample playback issues from day one and this version may help me out a lot - so needless to say I appreciate any help very much! I don’t wanna get left behind in updates lol I might also add my projects are not saved in any strange or messy way and I keep my sd in check and even tried reformatting, and again everything opens just fine in the 1.7
Thank you guys - hope can get this resolved!

Anybody experience this? I’d be so gracious for a bit of help!

Thanks so much

Could you record a video of what you see? Maybe we’ll be able to help that way. Also, if you haven’t done so yet. Please back up your projects. This way you can fiddle and try out things without having to worry to loose anything :blush: