Problem with scale modes on Play

Hey everyone: I have a workflow problem I’ve run into a few times and I’m wondering if any of you have a solution- workaround to this. If not, I might look into making this a wishlist item because I feel like it would be an easy firmware fix.

The problem: I make a beat using the scale modes and generative options (and it works amazingly). This leads me to more ideas that are OUTSIDE the scale. Well, I can’t input these notes without changing the global scale, or turning the filter off. No problem, right? Here’s the issue: when I turn the scale filter off, half my notes are changed because they were filtered like B<C. This makes the track unlistenable.

My current solution: manually go through every note and change the note value to the intended note in the scale, THEN turn off the filter. Now I’m free to play outside the scale. This can take a lot of time and totally breaks my flow!

My request: some faster workaround to be able to switch between scale and non scale functionality. Maybe a “commit note values” button in the file menu, that will switch everything to the current sound automatically? This would save a lot of time. Maybe something like this already exists and I haven’t found it yet? Thanks all for your time.