Polyend Tracker Mini + Keystation 61

Hello all—new to trackers, so forgive me if these are easily answerable.
1.) Is Keystation usb midi keyboard (which I can easily use on logic and GarageBand) compatible with tracker mini?
2.) How do i properly configure them because I have “notes in” set to off; “notes in channel” set to all. I still cannot play a sample chromatically on keyboard—I get nothing. Can anyone help? It’d be a shame if I had to return this keyboard.

In that case, the Mini will ignore the notes you are sending from your keyboard. Have you tried with Notes in set to On?

hey @alexanderjames705 welcome to our little community! :partying_face:

As @icaria36 mentioned. Having Notes in OFF will prevent you from receiving any note information on the Tracker. You have to set it either to USB, MIDI In jack or USB + MIDI In jack.

That of course depends on how you connected the keyboard with the Tracker. I personally just leave it at USB + MIDI In jack and call it a day :wink:

Notes in channel set to ALL is how i leave it as well.