Polyend Play Time Canvas

Consider long form composition.
At the minimum 10 BPM with a 64 length pattern and 128 patterns the total time canvas is 3 hrs 25 min.

15/BPM = Time per step
(15/BPM)*Steps = Total Duration

Stringing together a series of long wav files:

Imagine a long wav file is triggered by a 64 step Polyend Play pattern but wants to play longer. We then create linked patterns which have empty data on the channel occupied by the wav. It’s a little tedious to determine how many additional empty patterns have to be chained to cover the length of the sample.

Alternatively, we can trigger an external sampler, letting it play out the long wav. An external sampler like the 1010music Tangerine can, with a single trigger from the Polyend Play, sequence a number of long wav files leaving the Polyend Play free to loop back.

The 1010music Tangerine compliments the Play in the following ways:

  1. While the Play executes, record an improvisation to a Tangerine “pad”. Then set the Play to trigger the pad at the desired time.
  2. DAW-less edits to the sample. Fast availability to the Play Project.
  3. Additional (nearly unlimited) sample memory for a given Play Project.
  4. Additional sample library sounds.