Play/Play+ Updates and Upgrade Path

About Play updates, I just realized that the documentation has been revamped: Play downloads • Polyend

There is a new Essentials guide and a new Manual. They probably are just a version of the Play+ documentation without the Plus extras. Nice and sustainable documentation architecture.


As a possibly useful data point: Post Office tracking says that my Play arrived in Florida yesterday. This morning at 3:30 AM I got email from Polyend saying that my Play+ is packed and ready to go, and will be shipped from Gdansk within the next 24 hours.


Cool mine is in FL from NJ already, tomorrow they should get it.

Hey Mitch

I just sent my unit in the UK having got the approval and purchased the upgrade. I assume the wait will still be short?

Also I notice you are shipping new SD cards. Will be still be able to use cards with more storage as we did for the OG?

Excited to get the new unit!

I bet any card that works in the Play will work in the Play+.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Discussion: Play users and the Play+ launch

For the record, my Play+ arrived at my home in New Jersey today, exactly one week (including the holiday weekend) after I sent in the old Play.


I got my return code, thanks Mitch, but I can not find instructions on how to do the process. Anyone? And Thanks :pray:

Yeah, where is it?

If you guys don’t have your instructions for how to return the old play, I got sent an email about 15 -30 minutes after I bought it with instructions. If you don’t have it – I’d contact support directly for it, as I don’t want to post my instructions in case they may have revised them since then.

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Bummed also I emailed Polyend last week about the play i bought in Sept off of Reverb for 550 dollars.
Then I purchased a tracker directly from polyend a month later in Oct . I was so happy about the upgrade when they first they offered 200 off the upgrade just submit paperwork. Several days later they said my Play wasn’t eligible. I was heartbroken and asked if they could do any discount not the 50% off they never even replied back.
So I’m reconsidering because the total cost of the upgrade for me would be 950 without shipping seems like they lose me at that price.

Why didn’t they have wait to lower the price on the OG instead of almost immediately dropping it to 499, and giving us time to sell our OG’s and upgrade at full price 400.
Resale price for the Play dropped 200 bucks on reverb because of Polyend’s immediate price reduction to 499 .

I went from feeling great about the company to crestfallen.

I had the Play all packed up and ready to for the shipping info. now I see the still packed box it just makes me sick thinking about the situation and I wonder if I will feel good about playing either the Play or the Tracker again.
Not a pleasant ride for OG customers. Maybe they will change directions like recent Waves and Bitwig’s faux pas. But I’m not holding my breath.

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OG Play was mailed out few weeks ago. Play + arrives tomorrow. Super excite to get back on the pads!

Correction, arriving today! Earlier than expected. Word.

Ok, first impressions. WOW! This was worth it. This is going to be super niche but the biggest thing I was excited about is plugging the Play into the iPhone to record video and audio. I recorded and played back, BAM! I could not hear anything when I was recording and found a work around by launching AUM so I could hear the audio while it was recording. Haven’t even messed around with anything else but YES! LOVE IT!!!


Oh boy am I bullish on play +. Individual track outs over USB!! Haven’t even got to the synths. When you use the device vs talking about it, damn there’s fun to be had!


My upgrade came today. I don’t have time to use it much in the next couple of days to really take advantage of the new stuff, but I’m impressed!!

And it’s cool to get the whole spiffy new box and manual and everything. I mean, yeah, I know, we pay for it with the upgrade, but it has the whole “You got a new bit of kit!” feeling to it.

Looking forward to getting serious with it over the next week or two.

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I just bought it for Xmas. I hope in a future the synth engines will have the same features as the sample engine. After buy it, I saw a video of loopop saying that bit crusher and overdrive aren’t available in the synth part. I hope it will be implemented.

@ameliagagarin, soon you’ll get advice to make separate wishes for all that stuff. after that you may want to find all the fulfilled ones in the last 12 months and estimate the chances.

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Thank you for including a physical manual in the package.

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Can you really blame anyone for being angry? I had a pretty expensive gas habit buying gear until I got the play. I even bought a mini tracker second hand.
Now I see you’re “sold out” of upgrading my play into plus? That really sucks. What am I supposed to do? Nobody’s going to want to buy the play now. So can’t just sell it and get the plus.
There’s no option for the rest of us?