Play/Play+ Updates and Upgrade Path

You won’t sell it for that as that’s what the ‘new’ old versions are now priced at.
That’s my gripe. And all this £400 upgrade is NOT £400 unless it teleports there for free… and that ain’t going to happen.


I put my order number on the package and enclosed, in the package with the Play, a copy of the invoice corresponding to the order. I also emailed the tracking number to Polyend. I hope that’s enough.

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Hello everyone, I have a question, I have already paid for the update and I am waiting for them to tell me where I have to send it, and if they give me a code or something to send it because I have already paid €25 for shipping, or do I have to send it for me also? I have this big doubt that they can’t quite resolve, nor do I know what I have to do very well. The only thing I know is that I have to send it to Poland. Thank you all!

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Didn’t you receive an order confirmation e-mail that also listed a handful of possible destinations for you to send it at?

Yes , i recebes a mail to order*****confirmed , in which it appears that for Europe they are sent to Poland, but I was waiting if the people at polyend had to send me a label or something but I think I should be in charge of doing all that shipping management myself, I thought that came in the payment.
Should I manage the shipment as soon as possible from what I see? Thanks!!!

Does anyone know if we can use any carrier to ship it back or is there a specific one to use?

I’m rapidly losing faith in this company and their approach to this whole upgrade seem anything but thought out entirely.


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If the email with instructions doesn’t specify anything, then I guess all it matters is that the unit arrives to its destination.

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Any carrier is fine. If your name and address is different than the purchase address please specify the name on the order! Otherwise we can figure it out.


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About Play updates, I just realized that the documentation has been revamped: Play downloads • Polyend

There is a new Essentials guide and a new Manual. They probably are just a version of the Play+ documentation without the Plus extras. Nice and sustainable documentation architecture.


As a possibly useful data point: Post Office tracking says that my Play arrived in Florida yesterday. This morning at 3:30 AM I got email from Polyend saying that my Play+ is packed and ready to go, and will be shipped from Gdansk within the next 24 hours.


Cool mine is in FL from NJ already, tomorrow they should get it.

Hey Mitch

I just sent my unit in the UK having got the approval and purchased the upgrade. I assume the wait will still be short?

Also I notice you are shipping new SD cards. Will be still be able to use cards with more storage as we did for the OG?

Excited to get the new unit!

I bet any card that works in the Play will work in the Play+.

A post was merged into an existing topic: Discussion: Play users and the Play+ launch

A post was merged into an existing topic: Discussion: Play users and the Play+ launch

For the record, my Play+ arrived at my home in New Jersey today, exactly one week (including the holiday weekend) after I sent in the old Play.


I got my return code, thanks Mitch, but I can not find instructions on how to do the process. Anyone? And Thanks :pray: