Play+ Folder Template Trick

Hello People!

I got my Play+ couple of days back, and have read the manual about 70% and my mind is blown at the possibilities with this device.

Anywho, I came up with a simple hack, if you will, to start your projects right. Since Play needs a particular folder structure for the amazing Fill to work its wonders, I created few default folders with just 1 sample in each on my SD card. These folders are called Kick, Snare, Hats etc.
When I start a project, I add these folders first. And then any subsequent samples that I wish to add, I add to these folders. That way my Fill is all primed to make some awesome beats!

Not sure if this is too dud of a suggestion, but I am finding it helpful. So thought of sharing with ya’ll.



Nice tip. The only one pain point I see, if I’m understanding fine your workflow, is that soon you will start mixing different style or genres so if you want to make ambient or techno or drumNBass, etc. maybe the fill option will become a little bit clunky. But… maybe the solution is just create different folders for same instrument but different genre. E.g.: kick_techno, kick_ambient, kick_trap, snare_techno, snare_hiphop, etc.

Thank you!

Thanks for checking the tip out. But not sure if I understand correctly, at least in my case, one project is one genre only, so your use case doesnt fit mine. And by adding samples to different folders while inside project, it adds the files just to the sample pool and not the actual file to the folder (I will double check on this later).

Also, the solution you suggested might not work as in case of multiple folders for sample instrument, Fill takes its input from first folder only. Please share any insights/ tips you come up with! Thanks :slight_smile: