Play + and External Gear Search

Which external gear would you recommend to add to the Polyend Play + to expand its sonic spectrum and musical capabilities? I was thinking a nanobox lemondrop & fireball. Is adding a Digitakt 2 overkill?

Gear is a very personal decision, but i’ll say that adding a Digitakt 2 would have a fair bit of overlap. Unless you are looking for sample manipulation, but at that point you might as well consider the Tracker (unless the workflow turns you off completely :laughing: ).

I think the Nanoboxes could be fun.

Also word of advice: don’t buy lots of gear at once. Just concentrate on the one, see how it fits into your workflow and if it has a place in your setup. And only after that evaluate if you still miss something and start the (vicious :laughing: ) cycle all over :laughing: .


iPad or iPhone.

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I look for the syntakt that may be a great addition with its analog engines

I would say something totally different like a semimodular: 0coast? mother32?