Paypal payment *bug*

This is entirely unrelated to hardware but more of an ordering/payment-flow issue. I’ve tried to purchase several of your “palettes” yesterday. I’ve chosen “giropay” via PayPal (mind you, I don’t have a PayPal account). After I’ve authorized the payment, PayPal just came up with a message: "Payment failure: If your account has been charged, take it up with the vendor. Transaction canceled. (more of less literally). And since your contact form doesn’t work for me, for some reason, I thought this might be the next best place to bring that up.

And yes, my bank account has been charged by PayPal for the transaction that has failed.

Also: No transaction email from PayPal, whatsoever. Not surprising, since I don’t have an account.

Thanks in advance for your help.

@sebastian.reichmann sorry for the troubles and thanks for getting in touch here. I think @borsuk might be able to help you. Thanks for your patience so far!

@sebastian.reichmann We are looking into this issue, would you be able to provide more details about the contact form not working for you?

Hey @miropoly and @CommonWombat!

PayPal just refunded my account today in full. It was just their (probably intentionally) poorly worded error message that got me a bit worried.

So, all is good on my end. I’ve purchased some “Pallettes” with credit card. That worked fine.

If you have anything I could help you with, just ask. But like I said, there’s no “written” documentation like e-mails or anything, because I don’t have an account with PayPal and to be honest: I didn’t even know they also act as GiroPay provider… :confused:

As for the contact form:

That’s what I see using Firefox 126 on Manjaro with KDE.

Support form has not loaded. This may be caused by a browser extension blocking external resources.

If you experience this issue despite not using blocking browser extensions or even after disabling them please report this issue on the Forum.

I use uBlock Origin, but it’s disabled for your website, so I suppose the form should work?!

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It’s good to hear that the payment issue is resolved, we are still working to determine if there is any way for us to debug this issue, please let us know if something similar happens again.

We’ll look into the contact form not working in Linux / Firefox environment. The form is using a third party provider (Live Agent), so there might be some additional issue with blocking scripts there.


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