Pattern mode - Insert new pattern, in between existing patterns

Some people use Pattern Mode to jump directly to other patterns when playing a song.
They use the Pattern-Mode as a way to chain patterns easily via the Pads.

When creating/editing patterns sometimes you might want to add a pattern in between two existing ones.

What is the problem?

In Pattern Mode it is not possible to add a new pattern in between existing patterns (on the Pads for example). It is only possible to add a new pattern at the end of all existing patterns.

What do you want to achieve?

A possibility to create a new pattern at a specific location / index.


  • Pattern 1 and 2 are already existing / sequenced
  • Push a new pattern in between
  • Pattern 2 becomes Pattern 3
  • Pattern 2 is now an empty Pattern.

How would you like to see it implemented?

  • An option in the More Menu above the Screen-Keys.
  • Naming could be: Insert Empty Pattern

Are there any workarounds?

It is possible to achieve this by copy / pasting and moving pattern data up the index. Which is extremely time intensive proportional to how many patterns you already have. Also user error chance is high.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


Hey @kingstogie , just to clarify:

you want to be able to add a pattern in between 2 existing patterns, directly on the pads yes? So in Pattern-Mode.

So for Example: you have Pattern 1 and 2 … and you would like to push a new pattern in between so that Pattern 2 would be come Pattern 3 and the new pattern is now 2.

I’m asking because i’m slightly confused when you say “patterns page”.

I intended exactly like that too.

If @Sandroid is right, it’ll be a huge time saver.

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Thanks Sandroid. Yes exactly this. Assuming all patterns after would just move along to accomodate the new space. This would make for great time saving in writing and having fresh ideas to incorporate into the project.


I have cleaned up the language/wording, to (hopefully) make this wish a bit clearer. I hope that’s ok.
One open question i would like to ask to everyone that is interested in this wish:

How should this feature be implemented? For example:

  • Is it a Key-Shortcut?
  • Is it an action in the interface?
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Thanks Sandroid.
To my thought when it came to mind ; it would be an action from the menu in the same place as duplicate pattern , shrink pattern , copy pattern etc.
Perhaps ‘insert new pattern’
Thanks for cleaning the wording. I think

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sorry posted too early …!
I think it would be a really neat feature as often if im in a writing flow state i want to add a new quick idea in between 2 patterns .

Thanks for the info. I’ve added the details about the new option. :muscle:

This makes sense i have thought of this sometimes, say you finish a song but then you decide you want to add a longer break or a “drop” and it would be realy nice if it went between for example pattern 15 and 16 you could go in pattern 15 and add/insert pattern in there, that new pattern would become 16 everything afterwards would be renamed from 17 onwards.

One work around i found is to create a pattern at the end make a mental note of the number and then bring that pattern where ever i want in the project in song mode

Nice one! Ive also thought of various ways and work arounds and for sure in song mode there are ways like you say to suggest a later made pattern. typically I dont work too much in song mode but have a continuous stream of music in pattern mode and often fall short where i want to insert a new idea , like a drop or a break , as you say .

@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:


You should try the song mode more , its pretty powerful tool to build a whole song,

For sure. Once i need to extract a track from a live set :wink:
You are not wrong though.