Organization of projects by genre bpm and other categories (project Info)

What is the problem?

Lets say you have quite a few projects going on on the tracker , you are not focusing on just one genre of music because your brain goes in all different directions, some of the projects are worth continuing and some not, some projects are sound design Etc . How do you distinguish them from just the name , My request is to have more information on the project name and a feature to organize your projects to help you finish stuff

So, is it possible to add a couple of columns after the name of the project to help you organize? EX, your songs say name_ genre_ bpm_ finished / work in progress_ etc_ this feature would need to be editable at any time

What should this feature achieve?

it would allow to organize songs according to genres bpm and other relevance and give a general project progression , if you are to work on a techno album you could look for the songs that are in that genre and work on them , finish a techno album same for the other genres

Are there any workarounds?

A note pad or a piece of paper with the names of the songs bpm and current state ex ,finished unfinished , renaming the songs all of them one by one and add some of the information described above , creating folders for each genre and move the songs there

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

Some Daws with project info , The Octatrack has a project management page where you can move folders projects and offers some sort of organization.

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Hey @purrsoundsystem, thanks for your wish.
May i propose to solve this via a tagging system… maybe?

There is an existing wish for the Play, if implemented it would probably make its way to the Mini/Tracker+ as well.

And since it is a tagging system - with this wish in mind - it could be easier to implement. As you can reuse a lot of the existing functionality. Usability wise it would be great as well, to have the same behaviour across different parts of the UI.

Here’s the wish in question for the Play:

hi Sandroid.

I am not sure which one would be easy to easier to implement best for the the coder to decide

Its not clear on the tagging request that the function is to be used as a song organizer, this request is more focused on patches , can 3xm request include or expand this? the tagging makes good sense for the tracker plus and mini since it looks like powerhouse for sound making with all those lovely synth engines Etc,

I’m assuming that a tagging system would mean something running on the background storing all these tags there would be a need for a search option to look up for these tags? would the tracker minus be able to handle this?

My request is pretty much to add a edit button on the song loader menu so you can rewrite the song name , Add all the relevant info and save . at the moment i have loads of projects on it and they are just coming and i need a way to organize

Hey @purrsoundsystem , yes the wish i posted is specific for patches. But if we model this wish to use a tag system as well it would most definitely make it easier to implement. As it would allow Polyend to use the same functionality for two different places.

If all you need is a way to rename existing projects, it would probably make sense to just rewrite this wish specific to that. A functionality so project names could be renamed.

Which direction would you like to go?