Option to disable automatic audio previews while editing patterns

This feature would enhance the trackers versatility, when used in a live performance context.

What is the problem?

When the tracker isn’t playing a pattern or a song and you edit a pattern, it will automatically preview the audio of the changes/additions. That is perfectly fine for regular uses.

If the tracker is part of an active live performance setup, this behaviour may be not desired, as the audio will play.

What do you want to achieve?

To make changes without monitoring / playing / previewing them automatically.

An ideal solution would be to add an option in the Config that would allow “Edit Previews/Monitoring” to be disabled/enabled.

The Preview button should never be affected by this and always preview the audio.

Are there any workarounds?

Currently you would have to mute/unmute the tracker at a mixer to achieve this, which seems a nice source of possible performance mistakes :laughing:

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


Hi @pitmast and welcome to our little corner on the internet.

Please follow the guidelines to fill out a feature/change request (See Writing a good feature request).

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Hey @pitmast it’s me again :laughing: , i hope you aren’t sick of me yet :blush: .

I’m trying to understand your wish, but i’m having a hard time following what you are trying to achieve.

Could you give me a step by step example of what the problem is, this way i could try it on my tracker as well. And then, what you think would be a good solution to solve the problem.

Thank you in advance for taking the time!

Hi Sandroid,

Ok, let me try from scratch again.

In EDIT mode when I select region on pattern I can transpose notes moving jog-wheel, set one note for all by pad, change instrument for all notes in region moving jog-wheel and many other types of modification. I do not want to hear automaticly preview play of region because it ruins live performance. For everyone who want that - press Preview button.

In EDIT mode when I add new note by pressing any pad. I do not want to hear added note because it ruins live performance.
I little bit off topic*, When I press and hold green Note key and do not select any note from grid (do not press any pad) I get note C0. Is it necessary?

Current solution:
Currently there is one work around, I can mute tracks I want to modify and unmute them after modification. But it is very inconvenient. Muted tracks are still editable but strongly dimmed when are muted.

I think it could be an option in the config menu. I’m happy how it’s right now, hearing the changes is more convenient in edit mode but I understand your problem.
If Im not mistaken, when you use the jogwheel and not the pads it’s no sound… But I’m not sure.

Hi ameliagagarin

With jogwheel is the same.
It doesn’t happen in Play mode indeed but it’s needed to stop playing, make changes and start again during live session.

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Ah thank you! Gotcha! But one thing i’m still unclear about.

When you start the song or pattern or start playback from performance mode. Once you go back to editing the pattern, no audio-preview is played for the edits you perform.

Is this wish just in general? As in: you would like to see an option, that always prevents any audio preview UNLESS you press the Preview Button?

EDIT: just saw your last message, i think my assumption is correct. But please do confirm just so we are absolutely safe :wink:

Yeah, the option on Config with ability to disable audio-preview in general would be perfect.
Preview Button is always available.

Yes, I confirm, in playback no audio-preview is played currently.
It would be nonsense.

I went ahead and rephrased your request. I hope i captured it according to your feedback. :blush:

Feel free to edit it further of course :v:

Perfect :ok_hand:
Many thanks again!

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@here thanks for the wish! It’s ready for voting :slight_smile: