Note length for Audio Mode steps

Enable note length for steps in Audio Mode, just like note length can be already set in MIDI mode.

What is the problem?

When a sample currently plays on an active step, the sample just plays through the entire sample length or until another active step is triggered.

What do you want to achieve?

Have more control of tone based samples for playing harmonic/melodic content. For this, it would help to be able to specify a note length for audio samples like you can do on the MIDI tracks.

Are there any workarounds?


Any references to other products?

MC707, MPC Live, Novation Circuit, Maschine


Hi @troxx, thank you for contributing to the Wishlist!

Do you mean Basic Time Stretching for the Play?


No, I mean as in exactly how it is implemented on midi tracks, hold the 1st step down and while holding down select the next step on the track for whatever length you want the sound to play for e.g a user might have the sample play on steps 5->8 then again on 13->16, so the selected sample plays during length of the selected steps, not play through the whole sample length just because its triggered by a single step.

On the ‘Tracker’ this is implemented similarly via the OFF/CUT/FAD events, the sample plays through unless one of the events is used, on ‘Play’ the user should be able to select the number of steps the sample should play over.


Ok, thank you for your explanation. Then, it is clear that if you have an active step and then (say) 7 available steps until the next active step, you could set the length of the first audio event to be at least 1 to 7 steps long.

Question: what is the expectation when the sequence reaches a new active step? Does the previous audio event stop regardless of note length or would both audio events (the previous and the current) sound simultaneously? For instance, imagine that in the previous examples the user sets note length to 16 steps even when there are only 7 available before the next active step.

(I have no idea about technical limitations, overlapping or not.)

I’m not sure what you mean by “what is the expectation when the sequence reaches a new active step? Does the previous audio event stop regardless of note length”, there is either an active step or not? the sample would play through the selected number of steps, if the user selects another number of steps on the track for either a different sample or the same sample but playing a different note, then the sample would play through the sample as is, the sample playback ends when the sequence reaches how many steps the user has selected for that particular sample.

Look how it is implemented on the midi tracks, if I play a C note for 4 selected steps then an E note for another 4 steps the sequencer will stop playing the previous C note and play the E note.

This feature relates more to tone based samples for playing harmonic/melodic content, as you would rarely have percussive samples playing over multiple steps unless you are making melodic motifs with percussive samples that is.

This is also where implementing an amp envelope would also help with how audio samples play out, when the sequence reaches a new active step, the sample would end depending on how that samples envelope is set, if there is a long release set then the sample would continue to play and fade out depending its release length, if no release is set then the sample would just stop.


@troxx Thanks for another wish :slight_smile: I am not sure what is missing here? You can specify the length of each audio step using Sample Start/End and Attack/Decay parameters.

A user should be able to select a sample and set the number of steps the sample plays over on the grid, not determined by a samples start/end, if for example I select a pad sound on the 1st step, hold down that step and then select, say step 8 on the same track this is how long the sample sustains the duration for, it seems like a simple request? users are able to do this on the novation circuit, the synthstrom deluge and you can do this already on the Plays midi tracks, it should be something we are able to do using it’s audio samples tracks too.

@troxx I’m afraid it seems a simple request, but not without envelopes.

but there is already a sample attack/decay setting, so when the sample reaches the end of the user selected note/step length then it would just end depending on the sample decay settings, no?

@troxx Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the current product design does not allow for this wish.

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