Non-Consecutive Chaining: Shift + Chain functionality

The need for patterns to be consecutively arranged in pattern mode in order to play back as a chain is a bit limiting.

A way to make chaining patterns more creative and flexible would be to allow non-consecutive patterns to be chained by holding shift + the patterns – once you let go, then those patterns play as a chain until you jump out of chain mode or select a new chain.

This would not compromise any current functionality and would be a simple way to add a new creative dimension to this inspiring device.

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@bluecliff welcome to Backstage. As @ambivalence suggests, your request seems to be covered by the accepted wish about Song Mode, even if the specific way in which it is implemented might be different than what you propose.

I suggest we merge your comment to Allow patterns to play in certain orders and certain times - Song Mode and your vote will be welcomed there.

Sounds good! Will comment my suggestion on that thread.

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