New Performance Mode Effect - Pattern Start

What is the problem?

No problem, just new feature.

What is the goal of this improvement?

New Perform Effect Pattern Start with already existing Pattern Length would create possibility to simulate Volca’s step jump.

The jump on any single step in pattern could be achieved by setting Pattern Length = 1 and Pattern Start = pattern step number.

Of course increasing Pattern Length would create even more interesting effects then Volca offers.

Are there any workarounds?

Can’t see.

Any links to related discussions?

Video links directly to: 46:45 Step Jump Mode

Any references to other products?

KORG Volca Sample 2

Hey @pitmast , thank you for your wish. :blush:
I’ve added our Wishlist template, as required by the wish guidelines.

Please fill out all the sections in order to make this a complete request.

Also i’m not sure yet - do you mean this to be a step FX to be used within a pattern or an actual Perform Effect to be used in Perform Mode?

Thank you for your time :heart:

Hi Sandroid

I’m thinking about Perform Effect in Perform Mode because that will be much easer to implement, I guess.

Best regards

Gotcha! :muscle:
Then all i would ask of you, is to complete the original template that i have posted in your wish.

Thank you :blush:

Moderator: Removed wish in this comment and posted it in the initial wish on top :point_up:

Hey thank you :heart: , i’ve copied your comment as the new content of your initial wish.

In case you haven’t seen, you can always go back and edit the initial post (just like a wiki entry):

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I’ve updated your last comment too and removed the wish in there, so it doesn’t confuse people.

Looks good now, thank you :blush:

see also:

Good point @ambivalence , thanks for that.

@pitmas, do you see your wish reflected in any of those existing wishes?


Yeah, these are similar and I would like to have them both :wink:

But from my perspective editing notes/effects in patterns on the fly during playback is not effective, specially moving between steps using cursor keys only (unfortunately can’t use jog wheel for this purpose during playback).

I would like to apply changes during playback. For this purpose tracker is limited. That why I thought about Performance Mode.
But there is another issue with Performance Mode in general, that should be fixed first. Turning on/off of many effects are not synced with tempo.

@ambivalence, let’s imagine such a track jump effect for a step.
What we expect to see in pattern view during such a jump to another step when playback is on?
I guess that will be little messy.

Jump to another track number?
You mean jump to the same track of another pattern number, I guess.
How should the pattern playback look like then?
That will sound great I believe but can’t imagine the playback visualization in pattern view. That might be clear enough in case of pattern jumping, not track jumping.

In my opinion if we want to jump between tracks in different patterns the Performance Mode is the only place it could be implemented for a tracker.
Yeah, and it is, track jump is already in Performance Mode. Forgot :wink:
But there is an issue I mentioned in one of my wish, it would be much more useful when synchronised with track button release instead of immediately with jog/cursor key change.

@pitmast, hi. I just that these wishes may have something similar in their core. if you want to discuss them, feel free to leave your reply in their threads. also, I started to realize that it’s tracker related wish, that may have differences in how the performance mode works in comparison with Play. cheers.

:wave: i’ve got to ask again, since i’m still a bit confused.
How is this different from the already existing “Step Repeat” performance effect?

You can find more info either in the Mini Manual (Page 272) or the OG Tracker Manual (Page 134) on the Step Repeater Performance Effect.

@pitmast just tagged you in case you didn’t see the previous question/comment :blush:

Yeah, Step Repeat is great. And no issues with synchro.

Close this ticket.

Many thanks


As discussed, this effect already exists and as agreed with @pitmast, i’m closing this wish. :heart:

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