Music Channels you should watch (But might not know about)

Who is making YT music and gear related videos that we are sleeping on? What recommendations do you have, I’m thinking under 10k subscribers on Youtube.

I was inspired to ask because of this Play demo by Heymun. I’ve never seen her videos before and don’t know how I missed her content before now as her music is amazing! Who else am i missing out on?

Polyend Play | A Playful Heartbeat At The Polyend Of A Rainbow - YouTube


I absolutely love Fireghosting. Phenomenal production quality for such a little known channel.


Love Fireghosting! Wish he made more videos.

I’ve got a lot, will add more later.


Alex Retsis / Qebo

Also, @amfas is over 10k and hangs around here too, but I think his channel is a little slept on as well. I prefer the videos where he clearly isn’t sober.


How dare you accuse me of sobriety


Oh boyohboy! Thank you for Fireghosting.
I had no idea…


jameson nathan jones just hit 10k not too long ago. his videos are truly excellent.

dungeon music theater is an excellent channel for everything from modular synthesis to overall studio workflow. I always get a lot from his vids.

sound + voltage makes some really high-quality vids on modular synthesis, things like euclidean rhythms, synthesis & music-making in general. I highly recommend.

mark booth also does really thoughtful videos on modular synthesis. very easy to digest.

undulations takes his time & dives really deep in to fairly experimental sound design with specific pieces of gear… the arturia microfreak, the elektron model:samples, the bastl kastel, etc… I love his stuff.

prockGnosis does some really great in-depth looks at dreadbox gear. he even goes to the dreadbox headquarters in athens, greece (TWICE!!) to talk with them & show us some of their process.

andre lafosse makes really great in-depth videos focused on various loopers – blooper, zoia, poly effects beebo, microcosm, bunches of others. if you’re into loopers, he’s the dude.

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I would most DEFINITELY list “all my friends are synths,” but he’s got too many subscribers. ;-D nice to see you here, sir.

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Too popular!? That’ll be the first time ever. Haha.

I see @JimSomniac is here. Everybody should check out their channel. It is awesome and criminally under-subbed.


I’m looking forward to checking out jimsomniac…


Oh @amfas , I would never accuse you of sobritety. I just prefer the videos where it is more obvious that you aren’t sober.

Nice tracks @JimSomniac!


A few that inspire me
Synth Seeker
Mike Renouf
Rayder Rich
Lena Evula


How about this one? I have a few Tracker videos and other gear too.

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@JimSomniac give that man your subs, He deservers it.

@amfas but he is past 10k and too far gone now with being the big YouTube super star going to highlight calavera loves you from down under + the aussy chiptune friends. Most of the them got the M8 by dirtywave and slowly converting them to the Polyend Tracker :slight_smile:.


I enjoy @CaptainPikant’s videos with this original (and I bet job intensive) production. I’m a Patreon supporter and lately there have been some goodies for Play users…

I’ve mentally been too far gone for years.

What about music (production) podcasts? Any recommendations?

The Mr. Bill Podcast is good. He does not always talk about production, but he interviews a lot of musicians. Watching Mr. Bill’s YT is better if you want to get into the details of sound design and production with Ableton, but I find his podcast very entertaining.

Hanging Out with Audiophiles with Jamie Lidell might be the most universally appealing to people on this forum of the podcasts I suggest. He talks a lot about gear, production, touring, etc, and has some really great guests.

Song Exploder is good, although it tends to focus on a lot more mainstream and pop acts that I’m not interested in.

And Podular Modcast is great if you are a modular fanatic.

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For anyone into Trackers in general and like hardcore / jungle Xtra Spicey Mikey is a good shout. He’s been making some banging music with trackers for ages. Here is the link to one of his last videos which is called Mod Mondays. Partly reason for sharing is his shout to Polyend (based on conditions, haha!)
Cheers all

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I just adore what this guy makes: