Mushy buttons on the mini

my mini arrived from thomann yesterday.

the middle section of buttons, especially Play & Rec are really mushy, like there’s no support underneath them.

the joypad, screen buttons, ± and shift all have a decent clicky action to them. firm and solid. but the further you go into the centre of the device the buttons become much more mushy. and play & rec have no clicky action at all. just soft, and feel like they might end up failing.

is this normal?


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did I get one from an early batch?

I sent it back to thomann today :frowning:

I REALLY want to get one again because it’s amazing.

are the centre buttons as solid as the joypad & ± buttons in the current batch of units?

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You did the right thing sending it back. I had a similar thing with mine (which went back). None of the middle section of buttons felt very good at all. It was if the buttons were almost chaffing against something when pressed down. The feel was poor. God knows why they made the buttons that ‘tall’.

Anyway, I’m in the same boat as yourself; I want another one but will now have to be 100% sure all the flaws have been ironed out first.


I hear you. I’ll definitely get a rev2 if they sort the buttons out.

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Mine is the same.
And I thlught it was by design though :man_shrugging:

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Here too!

I tried 5 different ones from Thomann.

Then I gave up… :roll_eyes:

Polyend End Tracker seems great though!

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5? woah :sweat_smile:

I’ve a replacement coming from thomann. if the buttons are the same I’ll just keep it. mine had a gap in the bottom left of the screen where it wasn’t glued so that’s another reason I sent it back for replacement.

It took 3 units to get one that wasn’t like that for me… :frowning:

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Mine had a big gap on the bottom left as well.

5 returns is crazy!! Did any have a bulging back?