Move text cursor when using Qwerty keyboard input

What is the problem?

When editing the project name on the Play, there is no way to move the cursor back and forward without deleting characters.

What do you want to achieve?

The autonaming feature is great but limited without being able to further edit the name without deleting characters when moving back. For instance, adding a prefix to an auto-generated name to sort the project by genre.

Use case: click on the auto-suggest function, it returns “super name” as string. Then add “song” at the beginning of the project title. To do so you have to delete “super name”, enter “song” and then type in “super name” manually. Having to type the project name defeats the point of the autonaming feature.

A possible solution to this problem: program the UI so that the navigation knob (already used to change the selected char on the on screen virtual keyboard) can be moved all the way to the left to move the cursor in the edit screen line, and that would control the cursor inside the edit line.

Are there any workarounds?

The only way to add a prefix to a text name is to backspace (deleting the existing text), so not a real workaround.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Tracker has arrows that allow to move the editing cursor back and forward and that’s exactly the feature missing on the Play.

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Interesting suggestion! I was wondering how feasible would it be to substitute the “- +” keys by a left and a right arrows.

The minus sign is repeated anyway? And the plus sign could be either removed or it could substitute a less used character. One candidate would be the ^, which anyway is not really acting as a circumflex.

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Or even simpler without replacing any existing chars: program the UI so that the navigation knob can be moved all the way to the left to move the cursor in the edit screen line, and that would control the cursor inside the edit line…

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Indeed, your suggestion is way simpler and daresay intuitive! :slight_smile:

Can you edit the description to include your suggested solution, please?

Also, deleting chars to move back could be mentioned in the workarounds since this is indeed the only way to do it right now.

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done! do you think it’s better now?

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Yes! I have done a bit of copy editing just for clarity and also to remove the first person to follow the Writing a good feature request guideline. What do you think?

In the meantime, let’s wait a couple of days just in case there is more feedback. Then, if there are no blockers, I will move the draft to the #wishlist.

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I’ll rename this to “Move text cursor when using Qwerty keyboard input” as we can also name/rename folders not only projects. Thanks for your contribution!


Too fast :slight_smile: … taking this step further to our team, we realized this is already implemented. Please consult the user manual: “Hold the Shift key and turn the encoder to change the cursor position on the edited file name.”

I’ll close the topic and move it to Archive.

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Right after reading this, I had to turn on my Play to check. Indeed!

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