MIDI Sync issue

I’ve had my Polyend Play 2 days but I’m finding the sync problems from both my PC and from my other gear. If for example I have a beat that is 125 on either Cubase or my other gear then on the Polyend Play the tempo flickers between 124/125. I’ve never experienced sync issues (in or out) before with any of my gear (Roland/Beringer etc…) the only one thing different is all run on MIDI A but the Polyend is MIDI B. But that shouldn’t be an issue. On MIDI OUT with the Polyend as the clock master I can audibly hear minor drift if playing just 2 kicks drums together.
I’ve tried all MIDI combinations but all are the same.
Running V1.4

Hi @gi.indepth, welcome to Backstage. Is this useful? Is it possible to send a stable MIDI clock to the DAW?