Midi start and stop from external device but ignore clock?

TL;DR Is there a way to only listen for start and stop messages in the Tracker, but ignore the incoming midi clock when recording to a Tascam Model 12?

I use the Tracker with a Tascam Model 12. I like to use Tempo FX and Swing on the Tracker, which doesn’t work if I use the midi clock from the Model 12. So the Tracker needs to be the midi clock master, but that isn’t supported by the Model 12. :thinking:

So what I’m currently doing is to export the song to a file on the tracker, copy that to my Mac, copy it from my Mac to my Model 12, and then import the file to a track. Which is great when the mix is finished on the Tracker, but it would be better if I could listen to the guitar, bass and vocal tracks on the Model 12 while mixing and editing on the Tracker. Any suggestions?

Never mind, I see the topic has already been covered in Song mode start sync - #2 by Sandroid. So apparently midi start has to be used together with midi clock, or it won’t do anything.

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