MIDI mode Program Change Null setting

In MIDI mode on the Play, it’s great having Program Change available. But once a PC is selected, you can only select from 0 - 127. To regain the original null setting (where no PC message is sent), delete the cell, turn the Sample knob off the channel to null the PC, then proceed to re-populate the cell as desired.
Instead of that work-around, it would be nice to turn the dial from PC 0 down to null.

You can double tap the button above the endless encoder when Program is highlighted to return to null

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Thanks very much Mitch, you’re the best.

Does this work with CCs too? I should just test it instead of asking but everything’s off and hard to get to right now :slight_smile:

Yes. In fact it works with every parameter on the Play to set it to it’s default value.

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