Midi In problems

I’m having a bad time in sending notes through USB ( Midi in via Jack seems not receiving BUT I need to check my cable at this stage )

Basically sending midi from Live to a specific Play channel only plays the last selected instruments ignoring channels Obviously the MIDI settings is Midi USB and Omni Channel but there is something not properly working OR I’m not setting it up properly? Midi IN have fixed midi channels right?

Sorry, I’m not exactly clear on what you are trying to do. MIDI Input on the Play will only trigger the currently selected sample.

Are you trying to trigger the sample on each of the Plays 8 tracks? MIDI Input cannot do this for a few reasons, one is because the track could be a different sample for each step.

So basically you are saying that I can only record ONE track per time selecting the row to record externally, fair enough I can live with that

Sorry, I thought you were trying to trigger multiple samples live.
No I can record chords or multiple notes from Ableton directly on the Play no problem. You just have to select more than 1 track. It will only record 1 sample to all tracks though.

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