Midi clock auto sense mode

When using an external MIDI clock, the Play should have an option to continue playing when the external clock stops, at either the internal BPM speed or the latest stable MIDI clock BPM.

What is the problem?

If you use an external MIDI clock and that clock stops or disconnects for whatever reason, the Play stops as well. There are many situations when you want to Play to keep going.

What do you want to achieve?

Keep the Play playing after the external MIDI clock stops, either using the internal clock BPM speed or the latest stable MIDI clock BPM.

Are there any workarounds?

Go to settings and change the MIDI clock to internal. This breaks the flow, and it can ruin a live performance.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Behringer RD-8, MoogOne, Prophet-6, OB-6 etc. A lot of groove boxes and synths have a similar option.

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Hi @94f9b39e924aa158f3bc, welcome to Backstage and thank you for contributing some wishes.

I have added the template that is common to all requests. Without it, it won’t make it to the #wishlist. I have done the same to the other two requests you have submitted. Please edit your wishes so that they follow the template.

About this wish… I haven’t seen this feature in other gear (can you or someone else provide specific examples, please?) and I am not understanding it.

Is this what you are referring to?

  1. Set MIDI in the Play to receive Clock In data and to keep Transport In Off.
  2. Set a DAW or external device to send Clock data to the Play.
  3. Press Play on the Play, music sounds following the external Clock tempo, ignoring the Play’s project tempo.
  4. If the external device stops sending Clock data, then fallback to the internal tempo automatically. If the external clock is active again, switch back to thet external clock automatically.

Currently the Play will stop when the external Clock data is interrupted for whatever reason. It keeps listening, so if the external Clock data resumes, the Play will resume too. I guess technically the Play isn’t “stopped” but it’s "playing with a 0 bpm tempo. :slight_smile:

If this is what you mean, it would be interesting to know in which real life situations you are missing this behavior. A DAW crash during a live performance?

Other devices like the RD-8, MoogOne, Prophet-6, OB-6 etc. have an auto sense option.
So when you feed midi clock for either USB or DIN the BPM is set by the midi clock and.
When you stop the external clock the sequencer doesn’t stop playing but uses the internal BPM to continue.

What I’m suggesting is that the Play shouldn’t stop playing when the external midi clock stops but keeps playing. At either the internal BPM speed or the updated internal BPM speed based on the latest (stable) midi clock BPM.


@94f9b39e924aa158f3bc Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t fit our current product design.

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