Lockup when changing midi CCs

I am trying to change one of the default CC assignments and in doing so am locking up the Play. I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong and hope someone can set me straight?

Video here: Play Example - YouTube

But basically I want to change the decay CC assignment from its default of 75 to 14. Going into MIDI, CC Mappings, picking a channel, I get a list of CCs and corresponding play knobs. My thinking is when I click on a CC entry I should be able to change it, but doing so causes the play to lock up.

Appreciate any help!

Running 1.4.0 BTW

This is a known issue with 1.4, just upgrade to 1.4.1 and your problems should be gone - Downloads - Polyend

Nice sounds btw.

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Well shoot… I thought I was on the most recent version. Will do and thanks for the reply.

And yes… Play + Kyra = deliciousness. :slight_smile: